Chillin and Grillin!


There is something about summer that makes us never want to eat anything but BBQ! I love being outside and chillin with my dog max (follow him on instagram @dogmaximusprime) and my hubby. Who doesn’t love the smell of dead animal and veggies roasting on the grill! Add a Corona to the mix and you’re set for one amazing meal!

For this meal, Shaan spiced up the ribs with garlic, pepper, chili powder, paprika, cayenne pepper, onion powder and sea salt. He left them in the fridge overnight to soak up the spiciness!

The veggies I cut peppers in half and threw them on the grill. For the asparagus I lightly coated with olive oil then garlic powder and pepper.

It turned out delicious!


Healthy Snacking- Paleo Fast Food


Today I made a delicious salad for family dinner at my moms house. I like to make extra to eat throughout the week so I made two! To save time I cut up the veggies for my snacks for the week at the same time.

One of the things that has helped keep me on the Paleo track is having healthy snacks prepared and ready to go. If I have them it’s much easier to not grab something unhealthy.

Each week I make what we call “veggie packs.” I combine whatever veggies come in the bountiful basket or that look good in the store and put them in baggies or containers. That way I can just grab a bag on the way out to work.


My hubby and I also LOVE almond butter! At Costco they sell the big one for about 7$. Not too bad. Sometimes I will make it myself in the food processor but this isn’t a bad price so we bought it instead this time. I like to dip my veggies in the almond butter, YUM!

almond butter

The more prepped you are for the week the easier it is to stay on track and eat healthy!

For a little more protein I will hard-boil some eggs, bring some beef jerky or slicked turkey (usually boars-head) to work with me.

I also love to have “nut packs,” hehe that sounds funny! I will just put some raw nuts together in ziplock bags and eat those when I get a craving for some chips or something crunchy! Costco has giant bags of raw nuts- lots of different kinds, almonds, cashews, pecans, pistachios, etc

.Nut pack-raw