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6 months of Paleo + Crossfit

6 months of Paleo + Crossfit

I created this blog to share what I have learned the last 2 years while doing Crossfit along with eating Paleo. I’m no expert but have seen amazing results with myself, my husband and friends who have made the switch to a clean eating- paleo lifestyle (check out the awesome pic above!). Because of the health, happiness and energy I have found from living this lifestyle, I want to share with you! Enjoy!

Here is my abs at my lowest body-fat percentage, 15%!



I started Crossfit in February/March of 2012 at Put it Up Crossfit in Orem Utah. When I started I was the typical American, about 30-40 pounds overweight, low energy levels, ate like crap and went to the gym maybe 1-2 times per week.

My Husband started researching crossfit gyms in the area in December of 2011 and joined put it up in January of 2012. I thought he was INSANE. He would come home sore and worn out and it looked miserable to me. He showed me some websites and videos online of crossfiters and my response was HELL NO! I’m not doing that! Those people are crazy!

I remember one day he came home and taught me how to do a burpee (probably the WORST crossfit exercise ever). I did probably 10 and almost died!

Well….somehow he got me to come try it out. Because he LOVED it so much I decided I would take the fundamentals class and give it a month. As you can see….I also fell in love. Who would’ve thought exercise could be so addicting and make you feel SO good?!

As you can see I have made a ton of progress physically! It has also had so many positive effects on my life in general. I am a kindergarten teacher and need all the energy I can get. You better believe eating healthy and Crossfit have helped tremendously in both of those areas. I have 4 times the energy than I used to. I also get sick a lot less than I used to (which is amazing when teaching 50 kids each day!).

I am definitely sticking to this lifestyle that I have grown to love!

If you have any questions or need advice feel free to contact me!



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