Breakfast for the entire week!


This is a very easy way to have breakfast ready and made for the entire week.  Below are the instructions. Dice three peppers (whatever kind of peppers you like) I chose Orange, Yellow and Red, yum!image

One onion diced….image

16 organic eggs (I LOVE the eggs from Costco!)….image

We also got some garlic from Costco- this giant bag was only 4$- I used about 5 cloves.image

BACON! We love bacon! Who doesn’t like bacon!image

Whisk the egg with some spices. I used pepper, garlic, and hot sauce.image

Saute’ the peppers with the onions in the bacon grease. Add about two medium size leaves of kale.image

Mix the veggies with the egg and pour into muffin tin (MAKE SURE YOU EITHER GREESE THE MUFFIN TIN VERY WELL OR USE PARCHMENT PAPER MUFFIN PAPERS).  Throw in the oven at 350 for about 10 minutes and bam- egg omelet muffins for the entire week! (This recipe makes 24 muffin omelets). Sorry about the blurry picture!image

3 of these for breakfast was perfect each day!image



    • Hi Tori,

      Bacon is whole 30 approved, yay! Whole30 Bacon. If you’re on the Whole30, your bacon must be sugar-free. This means no added sugar in any form in the ingredient list – no honey, cane syrup or xylitol, even if sugar is listed as “0 grams” on the label. (And while we prefer all processed foods have as few additives as possible, nitrates/nitrites are not a part of the Whole30 “rules.”) Sugar-free bacon is not easy to find, but it’s out there. You probably won’t find it at your local health food store – you’ll likely have to search producers in your local farming community, or online.

      If you can’t find any you can definitely substitute for any fat you would like- a little coconut oil or olive oil would be my first choice!

  1. Love these menus! Well my first try at the muffin-eggs was a fail. I need to leave them in the oven a little longer. Still my dog is happy to have treats for a few days. I will try again after I get more eggs. Very easy just need to find the right time for my oven. Thanks

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